SRG Engineering College is a private, self financing institution founded in the year 2009 in Namakkal. This institution is approved by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi and is affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. It serves students from various parts of India, which include Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and NRIs who aspire to be technocrats.

The curricula and syllabi for our degree programs are those prescribed by Anna University, Chennai. To the extent relevant to any given discipline, our institution fosters an interactive teaching-learning environment which enhances the learning capacity of the students. Our degree programs are supported by appropriate technology and facilities.

The Trustees

S.No. Name Portfolio
     1 Mr. P. Jayaraj B.A. Chairman
     2 Mrs. J. Vanmathi Secretary
     3 Dr. J.R. Kaniemozi B.D.S. Treasurer
     4 Mr. J.R. Madhan, B.Tech., M.B.A. Jt. Secretary
     5 Dr. J.R. Maniemozi, B.H.M.S Jt. Secretary

Mr. P. Jayaraj

Representing the role of Chairperson of "Sri Pachiamman Educational Trust". A successful Businessman, a Social Reformer and Philanthropist hailing from Salem. He dedicated his life for the social upliftment of poor children and laid a path for the growth by his new vision of education as a metrix.

Mrs. J. Vanmathi

Representing the role of Secretary of "Sri Pachiamman Educational Trust". In order to shoulder the upliftment of the vision and mission, several activities were being governed in a tactical manner, in which the basic problem of struggle and illness were being eradicated.

Dr. J. R. Kaniemozi

Looks over the finances and plays the role of Treasurer of "Sri Pachiamman Educational Trust". In spite of her busy schedule in this modern competitive world, she renders her noble service to the students community. In addition to that, she is looking after the diverse businesses of our beloved Chairman.

Mr. J. R. Madhan

An eminent and enthusiastic juvenile champ, graduated in MBA looks over the growth of this "Temple of Learning" by his innovative ideas and great deal of wisdom as his vision. In addition to that, he is jointly shouldering the post of Joint Secretary of "Sri Pachiamman Educational Trust".

Dr. J. R. Maniemozi

Representing the role of Joint Secretary of "Sri Pachiamman Educational Trust". She renders her noble service to the students community by looking over the various activities of the Trust and the Institution. In addition to that, she is engaged in various social welfare activities which brings laurels and pride to the trust and the society.