What is Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science are two very different things. Artificial intelligence is the process of creating machines that can think like humans, or at least mimic human behavior in some way. Data science is the application of techniques from statistics, mathematics, computer programming and other fields to solve real-world problems using information technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term used to describe the simulation of human intelligence processes in machines. It typically involves sophisticated algorithms that enable computers to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision making. However, AI can be applied in many more areas than just these three specific processes. Data science is a field of knowledge which applies advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to large datasets in order to extract knowledge from them that was previously not there. This data can be structured like a spreadsheet but can also be unstructured like text or video data.

What you would achieve?

  • Master the most sought-after skill sets of a Data Engineer
  • Build the ability to solve real life problems using AI & DS
  • Develop the ability to Transform data to better decision-making
  • Derive strategies and new innovations with core data analytical skills
  • Break through the emerging technologies like Block chain, Neural Networks and AI
  • Develop a portfolio of skills required by the industry.
  • Why B.Tech /Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?

  • Covers all technologies related to AI & DS
  • Hands-on programming sessions + projects
  • Designed by leading academicians and industry experts
  • 30% of courses delivered by Adjunct Faculty and industry resource persons from leading industry IBM, CTS, InfoSys, and Vee Tech.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

    Scope & Opportunities:

    The department is a front runner in the college providing 100% placements Our students will get placements in top notch companies who are exclusively hiring Data Engineers like Microsoft, Google, IBM, CISCO, Infosys, Optimum Insight, Datacorp, TCS, CTS…..

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