Bio-Medical Engineering

Date Event
06-08-2020 Webinar on single cell antibody discovery using 'Islands of Automation'
02-08-2020 Webinar on Modified Dental Composite for Bone Repair
27-07-2020 Webinar on Better resolution for CE-SDS analysis of new biopharmaceutical
20-07-2020 Webinar on Protect your cells with proper pipetting - How liquid handling
15-06-2020 Webinar on Origins and Symptoms of the corona virus
05-06-2020 Webinar on Analyze the tumor immune microenvironment using ultra high content imaging

Civil Engineering

Date Event
11-04-2020 Webinar on Sustainable Solutions for Flexible Pavements
13-04-2020 Webinar on Ways to Build Corrosion Resstant Concrete Structures - Part 1
15-04-2020 Webinar on Ways to Build Corrosion Resstant Concrete Structures - Part 2
23-04-2020 Webinar on Injection Grouting for Concrete Repair
01-05-2020 Webinar on Load Testing of Bridges
09-05-2020 Webinar on Concrete Mixes - Bridging the Gap
03-06-2020 Webinar on Building Competence over a Lifetime
06-06-2020 Webinar on Cement Manufacturing Process & Quality Control
25-07-2020 Webinar on Innovations in Bridge Designs in India
15-08-2020 Webinar on Role of Ethics in Civil Engineering Profession
03-06-2020 Dooley

Computer Science and Engineering

Date Event
16-05-2020 One day Webinar on "Artificial Intelligence"
29-05-2020 One day Webinar on "Python and Job - Ready Skills"
10-06-2020 Webinar on "IoT"
17-06-2020 A webinar on "Resources for Mobility Development"
09-07-2020 A Webinar on "Industrial IOT Applications"
16-07-2020 webinar on "Software Testing"
20-07-2020 Webinar on google Go programming Language
24-08-2020 Webinar on "Opportunities in IT"

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Date Event
15-04-2020 E-Workshop on MATLAB
18-04-2020 Webinar on "Classification of objects using Deep Networks"
25-04-2020 Webinar on "Issues In Deep Sub-micron VLSI Design"
11-05-2020 Webinar on "Career After Engineering"
13-05-2020 Webinar on "Smart Electrification Strategies for Future Autonomous Modes of E-Transportation"
28-05-2020 "Webinar on Imagined Speech: An upcoming development in Brain Computer Interface (BCI)"
08-06-2020 Webinar on Short Term Training Program (STTP) "Internet of Things (IOT)"
18-07-2020 "Webinar on "Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) System & It's Application"

Mechanical Engineering

Date Event
05-05-2020 Webinar on "The Added Values of Innovation in Advanced Materials"
18-05-2020 Webinar on "Production Planning & Control"
02-0-2020 Webinar was on "Application of Gas Turbine in Fighter Aircrafts"
10-06-2020 Webinar on "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF"
18-06-2020 Webinar on Liquid Process Piping: Design Strategy
15-07-2020 Webinar on Battery Room Ventilation and Safety
24-07-2020 Webinar on Calculation of Gas Density and Viscosity
03-08-2020 Webinar on Introduction to Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Boilers
15-08-2020 Webinar on Robotics and Mechanical Engineering

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